Developing Pinry

Pinry currently has two major requirements:

  • Python 3.6+
  • Node 10+

For minor requirements you need two have installed two package managers that are not the defaults for these languages:

  • Python, pipenv
  • Node, yarn

To install these is pretty simple, you can just run:

cd pinry
pip install pipenv
npm install -g yarn

After that you can install this project with:

pipenv install --dev
cd pinry-spa; yarn install

You will need to run two separate items as of right now, the SPA and the backend:

pipenv run python migrate
pipenv run python runserver

And from another terminal:

cd pinry-spa; yarn serve


We have many tests built into Pinry to ensure that changes don't break anything. If you are live dangerously and have cutting edge new Pinry features first you can use our master branch for your own instance. We recommend using our tags/versions though.

To run Pinry's tests inside the Pinry repo run:

pipenv run python test


Follow the steps below to install Pinry locally or on any server. This process installs the minimal requirements to run Pinry. For development requirements and procedures, see testing above.

Current docker configuration will just mount source code directory to docker app directory and run any codes existed in current git branch, you may also add "" to customize settings without changing settings file in pinry/settings.

  • Install the requirements:

    • Docker
    • Docker Compose
  • Set any custom configuration options you need and run::

cp docker-compose.example.yml docker-compose.yml
# edit docker-compose.yml and change the secret-key,
# don't forget to backup this config file.
# You should build frontend first
docker-compose up build_frontend
# then start the backend server
docker-compose up -d web

  • If you want to run Pinry with current user in docker::

    ./ [-d]

  • Bootstrap the database(optional)::

    docker-compose exec web python3 migrate --settings=pinry.settings.docker

Note : No static file server configured, your should configure nginx or other server to serve static files from ./static(as path /static) and ./pinry-spa/dist (as html root /)