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New plugin system for Pinry

New plugin system is under development and a naive version has been released.

A PinryPlugin is a python class or object which is callable. The plugin loader will call the Plugin target only once and use the plugin instance after specified events triggered just like the way django-middleware works.

You could create a plugin as python-package with content below:

from core.models import Image
from django_images.models import Thumbnail

class Plugin:

    def __init__(self):
        # do something you want, just be called only once

    def process_image_pre_creation(self, django_settings, image_instance: Image):

    def process_thumbnail_pre_creation(self, django_settings, thumbnail_instance: Thumbnail):

You could make some changes on Image object and Thumbnail object before they actually be saved (for example, add water-mark to them).

You could access example plugin via pinry_plugins/batteries/

After all, enable the plugin in


Now the plugin will work like a charm!

List of Available Plugins

left blank to fill, coming soon...

Install Plugin in Docker

If you have a plugin named and it have a Plugin class inside.

You could just copy it to directory pinry_plugins/batteries.

Now add config to


Then, rebuild your docker image, the plugin will work if no further python dependencies required.